What is ‘The’ Leaflet Distribution Response Rate?

“What is the response rate from leaflet distribution?” has to be one of the most common questions that potential and current customers ask.

In the same way, this question is like asking a gym teacher, “How much weight will I lose if I join the gym?” How much weight you can lose depends on a lot of things, and the same is true for how many people will respond to a door-to-door distribution. The next few paragraphs will show you how to get the most responses possible.

Door-to-door statistics
The DMA has conducted significant research to help plan leaflet distribution campaign. Some of their results, from the Door Drop Report 2022:

“89% of consumers remember door drop mailings more than any other method. 45% save pamphlets on a pinboard or in a kitchen drawer.”

“A door drop is opened 3.1 times a month on average.”

Under-35s use door drops more than any other age group, opening marketers additional prospecting prospects.

The areas of the brain linked with long-term memory are 70% more active when they read mail than when they watch TV.

“2021 door drops led to 4% purchases. Door drops have 11% effectiveness throughout the client journey.”

“Receiving mail:
92% are online or digital.
87% influenced to buy online.
86% have done business online.
54% use social media.
43% have downloaded.”

MarketReach’s recent research found:
There are many highlights. In 2016, the DMA said 17 days, but now it’s 38 days – a 124% rise in six years. Lockdown has boosted flyer distribution’s profile.

Good news! Average response rate is 4% (increased 4x from 2016!).

I’m no big name. Am I wasting time with leaflet drops?
Several factors say no. Suppose you want local business. Flyer distribution is the best way to advertise locally. Why would people reply if they don’t know you? First glance, no. Leaflet distribution is not a one-time affair, just like going to the gym only once. Leaflet distribution works best as a long-term, professionally-planned campaign to the same people. This applies to established brands, new businesses, and small businesses trying to expand.

Response Tracking Software for Flyer Distribution
A significant multinational client recently charged us with demonstrating how many orders can be ascribed to our distributes in each city. They also wanted to compare the performance of the covered postcodes to the performance of other comparable postcodes in the same city.

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