Christchurch Courier

Christchurch Courier is the magazine of Christchurch Borough Council. It is distributed to all 24,000 homes in Christchurch and surrounding areas and is the main mouthpiece of Christchurch Council. Published three times a year, this publication features lots of local snippets as well as addressing some of the major issues of concern to local residents.

The magazine is well read by residents of whom the majority are over 50 years of age. Christchurch is regarded as an area which enjoys relatively good economic prosperity with many of it’s residents having above average standards of living. Christchurch has a thriving town centre with many successful businesses.

Christchurch Courier magazine offers opportunities to businesses or organisations wishing to advertise to households in Christchurch, Highcliffe , Jumpers, Burton, Walkford,  Fairmile, Hurn, Mudeford, Purewell, Somerford and the general districts of Christchurch. A total of 25,000 copies are produced and delivered to every home in the area as well as being available in council owned properties such as Tourist Information centres.

Christchurch Courier is written and designed in-house by the communications team and printed on paper created from sustainable forests.

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