Target your leaflet distribution

Using IMS Group Distribution enables you to have control over your distribution project. You can choose to target your leaflet drop to particular areas or postcodes (known as geographic targeting) or you can target it at specific demographics or types of people (known as demographic targeting)

Geographic targeting v Demographic targeting

Geographic targeting is available on all our services from our economy service right up to our Premium Plus Service. You can find the areas we cover by clicking here. Demographic targeting is available by selecting our Premium or Premium Plus distribution services.

Premium Leaflet DistributionOn our Premium service we can help you find out which postcodes contain your ideal customers or clients. We’ll then deliver your leaflets to them within 7-14 days of your leaflets being ready to go. On Premium, we  target what types of property your leaflet goes to rather than what type of person. For example: If you were a Landscape Gardener, you wouldn’t be interested in people who lived in flats, you’d want to target people in houses, however if you were a Care Provider, chances are you might be interested in people who live in flats, because many elderly people needing care live in flats, particularly in certain areas.

Premium Plus Leaflet Distribution ServiceOur Premium Plus service is even more specific and identifies where different types of people live so you can communicate with the types of people who are likely to be interested in your products and services directly in their homes.

All businesses are looking for a good return on investment when it comes to advertising and studies show that the more targeted the advertising, the more likely an advertiser is to receive a response. Our Plus service can identify where your target market are concentrated and deliver your message directly through their letterbox at a date and time suited to you.

Whether it’s young families, high-flying executives, retired folk or even benefit claimants, we have the intelligence at our fingertips to enable you to pinpoint the geographical areas you want your leaflets delivered to that will generate the best response or awareness of your brand.

And because we use our own distribution teams we can control your project from beginning to end, giving you the best possible chance of seeing a healthy return on your investment.

The main benefits of using our Premium and Premium Plus services are:

  • You spend your budget only reaching your target customers and not on people who are not interested in your services, or that your business is not interested in reaching
  • Your leaflet distribution is tracked so we can produce a report for you at the end that proves we have delivered to your target area
  • You can plan your marketing campaigns in ‘waves’ so you can target your specific audience one area at a time and in manageable chunks
  • You will stand a better chance of a good response rate because of the targeted nature of your distribution
  • You can spend more of your budget on the actual communication material rather than the mechanics of delivery
  • Your material can be designed in a language that suits your target audience rather than it communicating more generically.

With IMS Group’s Premium Plus distribution service, we can’t guarantee new business, that’s down to you and the power of your communciation,  but we can guarantee to deliver that message to the people that matter – your prospective customers.

Schools, hospitals, libraries – we can place your communications in front of your audiences in a unique way

We’re also able to offer targeted bulk distributions due to our unique relationships with local and national government organisations. Put another way: IMS Group have a network of schools, hospitals, care homes, libraries and other high profile public places including big name supermarket and retail outlets where your leaflet or communcations can be placed to be picked up by your target audience. For example, some of our clients include event organisers looking to target school children and their parents – IMS Group offer a unique way of communicating the information through our trusted network of schools.

Want to know more about how we can help you reach your target demographc?


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