Advertising Sales

IMS Group are unique in that we can assist our customers by part-funding or in some cases fully funding our customers magazines and publications by allocating some of the space for advertising. By using our industry knowledge, coupled with live data which we hold on our systems about major advertising and media campaigns, we can match your publication to potential advertisers who are looking to reach your own audience.

You may be a bus company, a theatre or an event or conference organiser. You may be a local authority or government agency. Whatever sector your business or organisation falls into, it’s likely that there will be potential advertisers looking to engage with your audience.

The types of publications that could be considered are:

  • Bus and train timetables
  • Local council publications including council tax booklets and residents magazines
  • Local government publications such as NHS patient information booklets or Local Police, Fire or Ambulance magazines
  • Charity magazines and newsletters
  • Theatre programmes
  • Conference Programmes
  • Event programmes
  • Doctor, dentist or optician’s patient literature

Advertising Sales


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