Marketing & Advertising

What’s the most effective way of promoting your product in today’s fast paced world? How does your business stand out in the face of stiff competition?

Targeting the right people at the right time with the right message – It’s the key to successful marketing.

Deliver your message, raise brand awareness, and drive enquiries and traffic to your business in the most effective way with the help of IMS.

In particular we specialise in:

  • Online and offline marketing strategies
  • Integrated marketing solutions
  • Social media campaigns
  • SEO (search engine optimisation) and PPC (pay-per-click)
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Radio, TV and press advertising
  • Direct Mail and mass coverage
  • PR and Product endorsements
  • Sponsorship and events
  • Outdoor media
  • Council and government media
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Marketing & Advertising



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