Top tips for a successful leaflet distribution

We are often asked about flyer distribution with the most common question being ‘how cheap can you do it for?’ When you think about the time, effort and financial cost you have invested into your business, the cheapest quote may not always offer the best return on investment – here’s some golden rules which any business owner should consider when contemplating leaflet distribution.

IMS Group in Bournemouth are leaders in their field and are the largest multimedia company of its kind in the town offering a range of flyer distribution, outdoor media and printed media, with the ability of reaching all 199,000 homes in our conurbation and beyond and are happy to lend a bit of their experience and know-how to help your marketing get the best possible return..

  • Plan and work with your distribution company: – Don’t assume they understand your business, they may not. After all would you want a flyer (as an example) to repair driveways being sent to a road with no drives? Does your distribution provider have up-to-date data that might help you target your potential customers more effectively?
  • Ask who is delivering your flyer: – This may seem a silly question to you, but did you know that often the person or company you book your flyers with are not necessarily the company actually delivering your flyers? IMS Group, for example only use their own teams and never sub-let out delivery work, giving them greater control over the whole process and minimising non-delivery issues.
  • So you can get it delivered cheaper elsewhere: – If you are working on a tight budget, or are not too concerned on responses then this is a cost affect avenue to take, but beware. Your flyer may be going out with your competitors, or maybe mixed up in a large bundle of flyers wrapped in others, its cheap for a reason and as we said at the start, remember how much investment you put in to starting your business. It’s worth remembering that it takes a certain amount of time to deliver 1000 leaflets and distributors have to be paid at least the minimum wage – companies quoting too-good-to-be-true rates may well be cutting corners, including cutting rounds short because their distributors are not being paid enough or have run out of time.
  • Ask how your delivery company checks on its distributors, do they use GPS tracking: – This is a key question, if you are going cheap for your own reasons then it may be sub-let out so you have no way of checking on progress. Others may say they are tracked but this may just be a phone app which although better than nothing does not accurately track and can be manipulated by it’s users.

    GPS tracked leaflet distribution

    Companies like IMS use purpose built trackers to reassure customers

  • Are delivery teams local: – Don’t assume because you are calling a 01202 number that the company are local. Many UK wide companies use local codes to feed through to main city centres. Delivery teams are then drafted in, often from many miles away, to come and do your drop. These teams generally do not know our area, where to go, its roads and its quirks so best advice is to test them out with a local knowledge question – local knowledge is key in this industry. Likewise beware of the old mobile phone number trick, again they could be anywhere in Europe these days! There are very few genuine Bournemouth (or even Dorset) based distribution companies but IMS Group, located in Castle Lane West is one of them, – why not call by and meet us)

It’s in everyone’s interest to ensure your flyer drop is a success as this benefits both your own business and the local area. Naturally we’d love you to use our services but understand that everyone has a choice. However if you have been let down in the past or are planning your first ever campaign then call us on 01202 611 100 or visit our dedicated page on our website and speak to one of our local team

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Jason Harris

IMS Group Director Jason Harris gives some useful tips on how to avoid some of the common mistakes made when thinking about a leaflet delivery campaign


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