Direct Mail

Direct mail campaigns that are planned, managed and executed in the right way can deliver huge returns for those businesses prepared to consider it as part of their marketing strategy. There are also a number of key benefits of using this form of advertising: It’s often perceived of being of higher value than emails in the eye of the recipient, it can be retained for any length of time, it’s content is more likely to be read than an email and it can be personalised with special effects or specifically to individuals which makes it possible to communicate distinct values in a way other mediums may not.

IMS specialise in creating Direct Mail campaigns for a wide variety of client’s from a range of industry sectors: Medical, retail, banking and local government to name but a few. By utilising the experience of IMS in this field, we can offer your business a full range of industry leading options:

  • Large or small doorstep deliveries from 500 to 5million – all certified and back-checked
  • Cost effective mailshots addressed to individuals or businesses – take advantage of the huge postal savings that are on offer for bulk mailing
  • Downstream access solutions
  • In-house creative team that can develop, with you, a working strategy tailored to deliver tangible results
  • Data cleansing to ensure your budget is working effectively for you. We can remove or suppress ‘gone aways’, ‘deceased’ and duplicates as well as updating your data with the recipients new addresses if they have moved
  • Target your chosen audiences effectively: Using sophisticated Mosaic profiling, we can identify the locations and addresses of your target audiences. We can do this by cross-referencing data from various agencies including credit reference agencies, electoral rolls and census information
  • Print procurement and fulfilment – our print division can manage your project seamlessly from beginning to end including printing, storage and staggered mailing which is monitored at every stage.
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Direct Mail


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