Corporate Branding

Much more than just a logo, branding says so much about your company. Successful brands the world over all share one thing in common – a strong brand identity which connects with its existing and potential customers.

IMS have helped large national and international names as well as SMEs to formulate and develop successful brand identities that communicate the qualities of their business. We can:

  • Start your branding project with the design of an eye-catching logo or develop a complete branding project that encompasses every facet of your business
  • Devise fully functioning Brand Guidelines that ensure the integrity of your brand is protected
  • Host your logos and intellectual property securely online so that team members and suppliers can access the correct versions of logos
  • Assist on registering and trademarking your intellectual property and branding to protect your business in the future
  • Develop and refresh existing branding
  • Develop launch strategies that introduce your new or improved branding to a waiting world.
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Corporate branding


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