IMS Group’s Collaboration with SUBU – Helping Local Students Transition into The Academic Year.

In collaboration with Bournemouth University’s Student Union (SUBU), IMS Group undertook a pivotal Leaflet distribution project, aimed at enhancing the student experience and fostering community harmony. The objective was clear: To provide crucial instructions and guidance to university students residing in Bournemouth within the first 3 weeks of the academic year.

Utilising our cutting-edge Prospect Profiling Tool, we strategically identified the areas with the highest student concentrations. Enabling us to calculate the exact number of properties involved and tailor our approach for maximum impact. The result? A meticulously crafted leaflet, encompassing vital information on bin collections, recycling, transport, parking, and respectful behaviour towards neighbours.

What set IMS Group apart was not only our local presence, but our in-depth understanding of the Student Union’s target audience. The decision to choose IMS was reinforced by our commitment to delivering each leaflet with a maximum of only two others, ensuring heightened visibility and increased chances of being read.

With precision and efficiency, our GPS-tracked teams distributed all 18,964 leaflets to the targeted addresses within the crucial three-week window. The outcome? Every leaflet was successfully delivered, reaching every student with the essential messaging they needed.

The impact echoed positively throughout the community. Students were not only well informed, but felt welcomed and cared for, setting a positive tone for their academic journey. Local residents, who also received the leaflets, appreciated the Student Union’s dedication to community cohesion. One simple leaflet acted as a catalyst, enabling students to access services, adhere to important guidelines, and coexist harmoniously with the local residents.

In conclusion, IMS Group’s strategic leaflet distribution not only met the SUBU’s project objectives, but exceeded expectations, creating a success story that resonates with effective communication and community engagement, leaving a lasting positive impact!


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