Interesting facts about Bournemouth Borough Councils BH Life

Interesting facts about BH Life, your resident’s magazine produced by Bournemouth Borough Council and printed, distributed, designed by Bournemouth based IMS Group.

  • BH Life reaches all 82,500 homes with a population of 183,500
  • BH Life is the only local publication that is delivered to all homes in the town, it has to as it is paid for by council tax payers money
  • BH Life is the councils own residents magazine, you can tell the official one as it has their logo on the front cover
  • It takes two weeks to hand delivery all copies to residents homes
  • It is published four times each year in spring (March) summer (June) autumn (September) and winter (November)
  • The magazine enjoys limited advertising, the council only allow a maximum of 8 pages and this is never allowed to be increased so no page after page of adverts in BH Life
  • BH Life is retained and kept by the local population due to the details contained about the town and forthcoming events. Don’t take our word for it, look what the council themselves say on their website “86,000 copies of the  Council’s residents’ magazine BH Life is distributed quarterly  to homes in the borough. With 94 per cent of those receiving it saying they read it, the magazine provides a high quality offer for advertisers.”
  • Quality advertisers include The NHS, Local entertainment venues, Brittany Ferries, Go-Ahead (buses) group and many more
  • BH Life also takes inserts in each issue, (but on two max are ever allowed)
  • 32 pages of information with details of local services and things to do for its readers
  • It is printed on FSC accredited paper so you can be sure the magazine is environmentally friendly.

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