Coronavirus Update

IMS Group take the health and wellbeing of our distributors very seriously. We are monitoring the situation closely and are following advice issued by Public Health England (PHE) & Public Health Dorset (PHD).

Public Health England advise that transmission of the virus is from person to person and there is no risk to people in the open air providing human contact is minimised. There is also no risk to the public from receiving post, leaflets or magazine through the door. Coronavirus cannot survive for long on hard surfaces, as advised to Royal Mail. Click here for more information

Our door to door distributions are continuing but we are constantly monitoring the rapidly changing situation and are updating our advice to our customers, employees, suppliers and contractors accordingly.

We are advising staff and contractors who are; over 70 years old or have a heart, respiratory condition or immune system deficiency to follow government advice and stay indoors. If you are a distributor or employee of IMS Group and fall into one of the ‘at risk’ categories above, you should inform us immediately by calling us on 01202 611100 or emailing us

Our staff, including contractors and distributors should not venture out if they, or any of their household, are experiencing;

  • High temperature
  • Trouble breathing
  • Have a continuous dry cough.

In addition if they feel unwell and are showing any of the symptoms above, they should stop their distribution immediately and return home and dial 111. PLEASE CALL US TO TELL US YOU NEED TO STOP DELIVERIES

We are encouraging all staff and distributors to remain safe by following UK government advice including regular handwashing of at least 20 seconds, coughing and sneezing into a tissue, avoiding contact with others and avoiding touching their faces.

At present we consider that their travel is essential as it relates to their work and provided they do not display symptoms, follow our guidance and minimise contact with the public, we do not believe our distributors pose a threat to public health.

However, should the UK government impose a statutory notice to limit all movement, which includes workers going about their day to day business related to their work, we will of course cease all but essential operations.


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