Thank You

Thanks for sending IMS your invoice which has been received. Please do not resubmit the same claim again as this may result in delays in your payment.

What Happens Now?

  1. Your invoice and claim will be checked by our Distribution Manager to ensure that the round is complete and nothing has been missed.
  2. Once your round(s) have been checked, we will check that all equipment has been returned to IMS Group. If you have not yet returned trackers etc to us, you should do so now, unless you are working on another project for us, as we cannot release payment until our property is returned.
  3. Once we have all equipment returned, your invoice will be signed off and passed to the accounts office for payment. Payment should show up in your account under the reference ‘IMS Distribution’
  4. If you are keeping a trolley or sack for your next round and have not already paid a deposit, a £5 deposit for sacks or £10 deposit for trolleys will be deducted from your payment. This will be returned to you if you no longer wish to undertake work for IMS group when have received our trolleys and sacks back.

What would cause delays in my payment?

  1. Our opening hours are 9am – 5pm Monday to Friday. If you have submitted your claim outside of these hours, they will be attended to when our office reopens. We aim to pay all distributors on the Friday following receipt of your invoice.
  2. If you have submitted your invoice early, before completing the round, your invoice will not be processed and will be kept on hold. (This can actually cause delays rather than speeding things up, so please don’t submit invoices until you have actually finished)
  3. If there is a problem with your round: If we have checked your tracker and/or completed back-checks and we feel that your round is not complete. We will then contact you to discuss this so that it can be sorted out and we can pay you asap.
  4. If you have not returned any IMS equipment back to us: We can’t pay you until we have received trackers, bags, vests or trolleys back. In some circumstances (such as if you have paid us a deposit for the equipment you have), we can process payments before the return of equipment if you have already begun another job for us but this is by prior agreement. If you are in any doubt you should check with us by calling our Distribution Team on 01202 611 100 or by emailing:
  5. If you have forgotten to use your tracker when provided with one or you have failed to turn it on, it usually means that we will have to do manual back-checks on your round to ensure completion. Manual back-checks can take at least 10 working days to complete and your payment won’t be released until back-checks are complete. Back checks involve us phoning residents and/or visiting properties to ensure deliveries have fully taken place, which takes our back-office team time to complete. To avoid this, please ensure that your tracker is turned on and is working. If you are in any doubt, contact us and we can help.
  6. In some cases, your bank or building society may take longer to process the payment into your account. We cannot control this unfortunately, but the majority of payments are normally processed by banks on the same day.

If you have not received payment within 5 working days, please contact us by calling 01202 611 100 or email us at: and we can look into this for you.


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