Bournemouth Council Tax booklet

Due to a unique partnership arrangement with Bournemouth Borough Council, IMS Group can offer premium advertising space to local and national businesses interested in reaching every single household and business within the borough of Bournemouth.

Bournemouth Borough Council are well known for keeping their council tax bills set at a traditionally low rate and despite pressure from central government cuts and increasing costs, the council have still managed to keep prices fixed for over three years. They are able to do this by ensuring that they raise much needed revenue from other sources as well as keeping a tight control on costs.

The council tax booklet is always keenly read by many residents eager to find out if the council has once again managed to keep their bills to the same level as the previous year.

This year, for the first time, the council have allowed advertising within their council tax mailing in the form of advertising in the booklet, as well as inserts that can go alongside the booklet and annual bill. This envelope gets mailed out via Royal Mail to every single home and business in Bournemouth and is virtually guaranteed to be opened by everybody who receives it. This makes council tax mailings one of the most efficient and cost effective forms of targeted advertising in the UK.

If you haven’t considered advertising in the annual council tax booklet yet, here’s some compelling reasons why it should be considered seriously:

  • Reliable distribution method – personalised, addressed mailing sent via Royal Mail
  • Exceptionally high ‘open’ rate – virtually everybody who receives one opens it
  • High Visibility – whether you choose to go for an insert or an advert in the book, there’s only limited advertising allowed
  • High Credibility – Your business alongside important local government communication
  • Long Life – Many residents read and re-read the booklet and keep it for reference
  • Saturated distribution – no other medium can boast almost 100% delivery to every home and business
  • Targets new residents throughout the year – new residents and businesses moving into Bournemouth all receive a new bill along with the all-important booklet
  • Great Value – the cost of the distribution is shared meaning you can reach more properties for less money than it would normally cost making your budget work harder and more effectively

With prices starting at just £795 for a half page advert, it works out at less than a penny per property! Great value for businesses wishing to deliver their message to every doorstep in Bournemouth!

Bournemouth Council Tax Booklet


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