Bournemouth Council website advertising

Bournemouth is one of the UK’s most popular tourist destinations and enjoys high profile coverage in the media throughout the year. The official website of Bournemouth Borough Council attracts a wide range of visitors from all walks of life.

It enjoys nearly 1.7 million visits per year both from local residents looking for information on the local area, through to visitors from outside the area looking for information on the town before making their visit.

In February 2015 the site was ranked second in the UK for best user experience of all local authority websites by Sitemorse. The website had undergone a complete overhaul prior to this and now has a fresh, clean and modern design with a much more user-friendly interface. The result of this has been increased web traffic which stays on the website for a longer period of time and visits more pages.

It’s the intention of Bournemouth Borough Council to make more and more of their services more accessible online and so 2016 and 2017 will see the introduction of more online services enabling residents and visitors to conduct more business with the council and it’s partners online. This will result in even more traffic to the website in the coming years. is one of the most popular websites in Dorset and enjoys:

  • Nearly 1.7 million visits per year to the website
  • Over 450,000 page views per month
  • A balanced demographic profile – all ages and backgrounds use the website
  • Each visitor on average visits 3.3 pages per visit
  • A healthy proportion of mobile users owing to the new ‘mobile friendly’ nature of the site.

Benefits of advertising on the site include:

  • Low cost advertising that gives advertisers a continual presence in the town from just £125 per month!
  • Perceived credibility by featuring on a highly respected site
  • The opportunity to improve the ranking of your own website by linking to the Council’s website
  • Targeted advertising to particular groups or individuals using IMS Group’s highly effective demographic profiling
  • No long-term contracts
  • Featuring on one of the most popular and well visited sites in Bournemouth.

A full media pack is available with more detailed demographic and user information. Our friendly advisors will be happy to talk through various options with you. Please call 01202 611 100 and we’ll be delighted to help.


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